December 6th, 2011

It’s holiday time! Time for toys! As this is an erotica blog, I’m sure people are thinking about sex toys — such a nice gift, because they often please both the giver and the receiver.

However, many sex toys mean batteries, and batteries mean … guilt. Am I the only one who feels this way? I have all these things that take batteries — alarm clocks, vibrators, laptop, camera, cell phone, vibrators (OK, so I have more than one!) — and they all take batteries. And I know batteries are bad. They’re expensive, and they’re made of toxic materials, and they’re hard to dispose of. Plus they’re inconvenient. Why do alarm clock batteries only give out before you have an early morning plane flight? Why do vibrator batteries … well, there isn’t really any good time for those to give out, is there? And then they’re hard to dispose of, so you get a drawer full of batteries waiting for you to take them to whatever place you take your old batteries, and then you open a drawer six months later and you have no idea if these are old batteries waiting to go out, or new batteries liberated from their packaging, or semi-new batteries that you took out of something else for some reason… it’s a mess.

Of course you know the solution: rechargeable batteries. But when you look at them, they seem expensive! You know they’re cheaper in the long run, but they’re right up next to the Valu-Pak of cheap-in-the-short-term disposable batteries, plus you’d have to buy the charger, and then of course it takes all night to charge them, and … I know how it is.

That’s why I’m going to recommend one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received (no, not the corded — and therefore battery-less — Hitachi Magic Wand, although that’s very nice too): It was a Battery System. Or that’s what I call it. A family member poked around my house, took note of what size batteries I used, and bought me two sets of everything I’d need plus a nice big charger that would hold all of them. See how it works? You have one set of batteries in the charger at all times. When some batteries you’re using need recharging, you just swap them with the other fully charged ones. No waiting! It’s the sort of thing everyone ought to do for him/herself, and yet most of us just don’t get around to it. To have someone else do it for you — well, it was very, very nice.

So I pass this on as my Green Christmas/Holiday tip: Buy the object of your affections two sets of rechargeable batteries and a charger. Heck, open one set and the charger and have one set already charged by Christmas morning! If you made enough money this year, throw in a vibrator as well. And then when the recipient asks what the batteries are for, hand ’em that package. 😉

Of course, as an author, I’d be remiss in not mentioning another very obvious Green Christmas gift: ebooks! Easy to purchase, easy to give, no delivery charges, no fuel used in transportation, and so on. You can read ebooks on your Kindle or your Nook or your computer. Oh… don’t have a Kindle? Did you know that by commenting on this post, you’re entered to win a Kindle? Yes! And then click here for the full schedule of Blissemas blog posts, because you can comment on each one for an additional chance to win.

Whether you win the Kindle or not, I’d be happy to send you your choice of a number of erotic ebooks, either to you or to a gift recipient you specify. Available in all sorts of formats, and can even be emailed directly to a Kindle or a Nook. Just mention in your comment that you’re interested, and I’ll email you (your email shows to me when you leave a comment, but does NOT show to the world in general, unless you specifically type it out for them) and we can sort out what you’d like.

I’m interested in hearing other people’s Green Holiday suggestions!

Special thanks to  sscreations (portfolio here) for the use of the red batteries image and to digitalart (portfolio here) for the use of the green battery image.

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21 Responses to “Recharging Your Sexual Batteries”

Victoria Blisse Says:

What a brilliant idea for a pressie, rechargeable batteries are a God send!

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Isabella King Says:

I’m ashamed to say I’m not normally very green but I feel passionate about things being wasted – and that goes for my festive food, too.

The most difficult task for me is finding room in the fridge for my turkey, and rather than waste it for want of keeping it cold it very often ends up stored in the back of my car. I’m hoping for a cold Christmas 🙂

tabitha Says:

Hi Shar, great post – I’ve got a gazzilion battery requiring ‘things’ – there’s never any batteries in any of them… so your charger sounds ideal – now just to train myself not to lose any… hmmm.
I’ve just dug out my 15 year old fake tree, even though I wanted a real one. I comfort myself by telling myself that is the green option… ;(
Your book offer is very kind too, Merry Blissemas x

Shar Says:

The batteries don’t get lost, see, because they stay in the charger till you need them. That’s why you need two sets–one set in your things, and the other set in your charger!

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a_bad_influence Says:

Great post. True story, I have nightmares that the batteries in my trusty vibrator have gone dead and I have no spares. I guess I know what I’m getting myself for Blissmas!

My green Blissmas recommendation is edibles. (Please excuse me now while my dirty mind wanders from images of of cookies to thoughts other things I can put in my mouth.)

Naomi Bellina Says:

Great gift idea! Going green has to be easy, or we won’t do it. I’ve finally got myself trained to use my cloth grocery bags almost every time I go into a store. Easy, cheap, and helps cut down on plastic waste. There are many cute bag designs, why not use them to wrap your presents this year?

Shar Says:

Bags are a great idea! Actually, we haven’t used paper to wrap in, oh, years and years. We do cloth — an idea stolen from the Japanese, who (ages ago) used to wrap gifts in furoshiki, or decorative cloth squares (now they wrap things in about five layers of plastic, but that’s another story). Then the recipient of your gift also gets the nice cloth. Another nice thing about using cloth to wrap presents is that it cleans up so quickly — there’s no tape, there’s no ribbon (you just tie the corners of the cloth together), no little pieces of torn paper… when the presents are open, you just fold up the cloth and put it back in the drawer for the next year. Gift bags would work the same way.

Anne Says:

When I stopped by I wasn’t execting to read a post about a practical holiday gift/batteries, but it is a great idea. Of course, there better be a fun toy wrapped up with them.

Tracey D Says:

I enjoyed the post; it was an informative and interesting read.

Jordan LaRousse Says:

I would agree, batteries are bad and my vibes use WAY more than my remote controls, or anything else for that matter. I’m loving the new rechargeable toys that are coming out, although when they’re charging I have to tuck them away somewhere where prying teenage eyes won’t see them.

tammy ramey Says:

great post and something we will be doing this year for sure as we have lots of remote control things for the kids. at our house we reuse our ribbons and bows. we always use the wire ribbons to make our bows and then we just fold it up and reuse it the next year. i think we have been using the same ribbon for about 6 years now. the hard part is finding paper to match. also we try to use decorate boxes and bags as much as possible, we go to our local dollar store and clean them out starting the day after thanksgiving and right up to the last gift being wrapped. that way we don’t use alot of paper and we can reuse the bags/boxes. # 😛

Joder Says:

I’ve always wanted to get a battery charger, but it DOES seem expensive. You have to look at the long-term though and realize that it’s ultimately going to save you money. A great gift idea for others though. And yes, I’d love some of your ebooks.

Patti P Says:

Thanks. What a great idea. My hubby is always complaining about the number of batteries we go through. This may just be under our tree this year. I have asked for an ereader so that would make two green gifts this year. For a third I’m thinking I’d like to make him a gift. I’m thinking of baking some cookies. They don’t cost too much and they are so yummy. I would love to receive one of your books. That would be a bonus!
Thank you for a great blog.

Kathryn Merkel Says:

A lot of great GREEN ideas. I picked-up a small battery charger for my office, because my wireless mouse was always going dead at a very inconvenient moment. I really need to invest in a larger one for the house & buying double the batteries, is a super idea. Hmmm! I might have just solved the what to get someone for Christmas dilema.

The cloth instead of wrapping paper is another really neat idea. You should be able to pick up holiday themed fabric right after Christmas cheap, just like you can wrapping paper, I will be on the lookout for that this year.

I do shipping for the company I work for, so I have access to all the boxes I want for free, I just have to bring them back after Christmas. As soon as the gifts are opened, the boxes get stacked in my car & the mess is gone.

Shadow Says:

What great ideas! Thank you! I used to have a couple rechargable batteries. They lasted quite some time. We used them for everything. 😉 And i would love one of your books. I love erotica. ;D Thank you!!! Happy Holidays to you!

Carol L Says:

I enjoyed your post. This is a great idea for a gift and one for myself. I also used my cloth bags when I shop to cut out the plastic. Happy Holidays.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

J.C. Martin Says:

Can’t say I’ve ever been strapped for batteries, but thanks for the advice! 🙂

Debbie S Says:

I use rechargeable batteries, but I sometimes find I forgot to recharge and end up using regular ones!
Please email me about your books would love to see them.

Tonya Says:

Great ideas. I use rechargable batteries and i grow some of my own vegatables. Ill have to try some of these other ideas. Thank you!

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