October 25th, 2010 | Comments Off on Reviewed by the Book Wenches!

Ooooh…. I got reviewed! Or rather, my book Transported: Erotic Travel Tales did, by the awesome review site BookWenches.

A few snippets:

Sharazade gives her readers nine hot stories that are so well written that you almost forget that it is erotica. She does a great job setting the scene for seduction.

When reading about the couples in the stories, you get an inside look as to what the dynamics of their relationships are like. The encounters are so hot because they know how to push each other to the limits.

These stories aren’t about doing the deed and getting it done. They are all about seduction, the build-up, the sensual ride and then the mind blowing release.

Read the full review here (scroll down to the 6th entry for mine) and also check out the other books on their October shelf. Heck, look around the whole site. It’s a good one. They have guest bloggers and author interviews and a large archive of book reviews.

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