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Oh, this makes me smile! A review from Fulani at his blog site. For an author, there’s really nothing quite like… being read. I think that’s the nicest thing about a review, really — not that some nice things were said about you, but that you can tell that someone actually read your book (and ‘got’ it). This reviewer got it, I can tell, because he pulled out some commonalities in the stories that, when I read them, made me say, Oh, yes, that’s me, all right!

He got how I like to write, too:

While each of the stories involves sex, all of them build to it, with tensions between the characters and implicit in the situation, before the act takes place. You get the slow burn before the sudden flash.

That is how I like my erotica (as a reader as well as a writer): I want there to be a story, a reason for it all. Not just a scene report. A short story doesn’t deliver all the backstory or answer every “What happens next?”, but I do like a bit of plot, a bit of “why” along with the “how.”

He’s got an interesting blog, a perfect example of the word “eclectic.” From his index of topics, here is just the letter B:

(Hint: Check out “bicycle.” See? There ARE new things out there!)

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