October 27th, 2010

Wow, October must be “Reviews Month” or something! Reminding me that I have a hot book to review as well, though I’ll have to post it in November. Check back!

Some flaming of the cheeks at this lovely review of Transported: Erotic Travel Tales from Coffee-Fueled Erotica. Some excerpts:

Within the first pages of this anthology it also becomes clear that Sharazade has travelled. Really travelled. Cold airports take on the qualities of landscapes. Details, some large, some almost infinitesimal, permeate every page of every story, giving this entire collection a sharp and sculpted feel.

* * *

To me, sublime navigation and fluent control of language is so, soooooo sexy. And Sharazade has it in spades.

* * *

In my opening paragraph I alluded to this book being all about sex and travel. That’s actually misleading. In truth, the sex and the travel frame these stories and this collection. What it’s truly about is characters. Relationships. And Sharazade paints these with enviable dexterity.

* * *

Throughout the anthology, the characters and situations come across not just as real, but also as realistic. It’s to be expected that bodies would grind against each other, and they do so with heart, passion and often a degree of restriction. What elevates this book even more are the moments when the characters grate against each other. Travel is a stressful undertaking. The world is variegated and confusing. Anger is a passion.

Read the entire review here, she said, linking it a second time.

What I also liked about this review is just that it happened at all! It’s a nice example of something I talked about here earlier, in my post on Who Are a Writer’s Friends? I “met” the author of this review, Willsin Rowe, here on this blog site. He showed up one day (I really have no idea how he found his way here in the first place), left some amusing comments, so I responded, and he responded, and so on, and eventually we went to email, and I met a smart, funny, experienced erotic writer.

That’s really what blogs are for, isn’t it? Not just posting one’s blather every week, but communicating and interacting and discovering connections (and books!). Think about that as you navigate through the blogosphere — when you find a piece of writing or a piece of person (which is, really, what pieces of writing are) that moves you, then respond. The Internet lifts the borders of geography and time for us, for which I am continually grateful.

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6 Responses to “A Blush-worthy Review from Coffee-Fueled Erotica”

Jeremy Edwards Says:

So glad to see you getting all this well-deserved acclaim! (Are you acclimated to the acclaim yet?)

Shar Says:

Thank you, o-friend-that-I-also-met-on-blogs. I… can’t quite tell if I’ve acclimated successfully. Acclaim me some more and I’ll see. 😉

Willsin Rowe Says:

Y’know…like a man who caught the beer taxi home, I can’t quite recall exactly how I got here. It may have been via Jeremy’s site, or Sommer Marsden…

Any way it happened, it’s been serendipitous. I believe I even commented on the “Who Are A Writer’s Friends” blog, which maybe means I’ve completed a circuit in the space-time continuum and the world is now beginning to fold in on itself.

It really is a terrific book, ma’am, and I assure you that reading it was my pleasure(s).

D.N. Stuefloten Says:

Yes, you write well, and observe well too, a lethal combination….

Shar Says:

I hope “lethal” is a good thing…. 😉

D.N. Stuefloten Says:

It’s a real killer thing…..

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