May 6th, 2011

OK, I will admit that I just a little nervous about offering my book for review to someone who writes gay male romance — because there’s none of that in my book. But if we always say that “good writing is good writing,” then it shouldn’t matter, right? Obviously, the smart thing to do would have been to ask him first if he even wanted to read a book like this. I certainly meant to, but … apparently I did not!

Shar had neglected to warn this middle aged gay man who writes m/m erotic romances that hers was a book of (gasp) heterosexual sexual adventures, but the first of the nine stories, “Schiphol” (A Dutch name) had me hooked.

Oh, whew! He did like it.

Sharazade is a story writer of exceptional power, and her erotic adventures are, well, exciting.  …there is one story that I think should be required reading for all women in America. Make that just everyone. It’s the second one, “Flaws.”

His review ran a few weeks ago, so it’s no longer the top post on his blog. If you check out the rest of the review here (and hey, even if you don’t!), I recommend going on to his homepage and scrolling around a bit to check out his other stuff, which includes excerpts from a work in progress. And who doesn’t like a little free fiction? Ike also posts at the wonderfully named blog It’s Raining Men.

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One Response to “Reviewed by Ike Rose”

Savannah Chase Says:

Congrats on the review..No matter what reviews are always hard. You are sending out your book to someone who might or might not like it…

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