August 28th, 2011

Oh, how fun! The talented Willsin Rowe made a gorgeous trailer for Transported. He even wrote the music! And a free copy of the book to anyone who can identify the one photo I supplied and the location where I took it. (Sorry, that’s a cheat — there’s no way you could tell.)

Now, I am not 100% sure what anyone “does” with a book trailer, except look at it a lot and go, oh, wow, that’s so nice. Still, I’ve been having a lot of fun doing just that.

So check it out on YouTube:

*  *  *  *  *

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2 Responses to “A Book Trailer!”

Dal Says:

Very nice trailer! Caught the reasons why one would enjoy your book.

As far as your supplied photo… I recognize a few of those locales, but I’m not telling.

Shar Says:

Well, only one of the photos was supplied by me. Some were contributed by friends, and some are stock images found by Willsin. I think some people don’t realize how hard it is to get good images — you can’t just help yourself to whatever you find through google images, since many of those are copyrighted. I feel like I’m ahead of the game for the next book (not finished yet), since I have a decent personal collection of photos that will fit the stories’ locations. That book, though, will be more “settings oriented.” A lot of the stories in Transported could really have happened anywhere, and feature more airports, trains, hotels, etc.

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